Zarko Youth 100 ml.

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Capture life as it is – no more no less.

Reflecting back how the first moments of love feels, how to belong to another heart, how to let go and trust, to live for one day at a time. How it is to feel deeply unified with another soul, no care in the world, life is ahed and immortality belong to the young hearts.

TOPNOTES:: Peach – Melon – Appel

MIDNOTES:: Jasmin – Rose – White flowers – Plum

BASENOTES:: Sandalwood – Powdery musk accord – Vanilla

Þórborg ehf. heildverslun var stofnuð árið 2012.
Fyrirtækið selur vörur til hársnyrtistofa, snyrtistofa, snyrtivöruverslana, apóteka og verslana.

Þórborg ehf. er staðsett á Nýbýlavegi 28, Kópavogi.